Quality promise


Quality Promise

After years of unremitting efforts and improvement, the Yellow River Cloud Cable has welcomed the patronage of guests from all over the world with complete variety, excellent quality, excellent service and a flexible marketing mechanism.

  Based on the principle of quality first, the company provides customers with qualified products that meet the requirements of use, and hereby makes the following commitments:

  1. Strictly control raw materials, select high-quality raw materials at home and abroad, and prevent substandard products from entering the factory.

  2. Create a strict production process and implement self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection systems in accordance with national and enterprise standards. Unqualified semi-finished products are strictly prohibited from flowing into the next process, and unqualified products will not leave the factory to ensure that they provide customers with mature and reliable performance. Use 100% qualified products as required.

  3. Our company guarantees that the products provided can operate reliably and safely under the condition of correct installation, normal operation and maintenance.

  4. During the quality guarantee period stipulated in the contract, our factory is responsible for repairing or replacing the defective products free of charge, in order to achieve the corresponding technical request and assume responsibility for remedying the above. In the process of laying or use, if there are accidents or defects caused by non-manufacturing quality reasons such as unexpected problems, the company will also actively cooperate with customers to repair the cables as soon as possible to ensure the smooth flow of the lines.

  5. If the products provided by our company are inconsistent with the contract requirements, our company will resolve the buyer's claims in one or more of the following ways with the buyer's consent:

        ①Our company agrees that the buyer rejects the product and returns it, and returns the payment for the rejected product to the buyer; the company shall bear the freight, insurance, inspection fee, loading and unloading fee and other related expenses incurred by the rejected product.

        ②According to the degree of damage to the product and the amount of loss suffered by the buyer, on the premise that the product can still be used, our company agrees to reduce the price of the product.

        ③ To replace the defective products to achieve the quality and performance specified in the contract, our company shall bear all the expenses incurred for this, and at the same time, our company agrees to extend the quality guarantee period of the replaced products.

  6. If the buyer makes a claim, our company will make a written reply within 1 day, and within the time specified in the buyer's claim notice, handle the compensation in the manner agreed by the buyer in the above paragraph 5, and agree that the buyer will deduct the quality guarantee. return the claim amount.