Service Promise


Service Promise

    With the tenet of "customer first", Yellow River Cloud Cable treats every customer sincerely and promises as follows:

  Pre-sale service

  1.1. The company warmly welcomes users to visit the company and will provide free accommodation and convenience for work.

  1.2. Take user consultation seriously and reply quickly.

  1.3. Provide active and effective assistance in the user's project design, installation and construction process, and provide professional product information and selection guidance to facilitate cable installation and commissioning.

  1.4. According to the customer's specific delivery requirements, submit a reasonable production schedule and supply plan to the user.

  In-sale service

        2.1. Our company guarantees that the cables will be delivered to the construction site on time, with good quality and quantity according to the delivery time and quantity of delivery in the contract.

        2.2. Our company will satisfy the user's requirements to the greatest extent possible for the change of delivery time, delivery quantity, etc. proposed by the customer due to construction or other reasons.

        2.3. In the process of cable installation, laying and operation, provide relevant information according to customer needs, and dispatch professional and technical personnel to the site for free service according to user requirements.

        2.4. If the user requests, our company will provide the user with free technical knowledge training such as cable processing, installation and maintenance.

  After-sales service

        3.1. After receiving the user's information, respond by telephone within 30 minutes. After confirming the user's needs, the headquarters personnel will arrive at the site within 4 hours within the province, within 1000 kilometers outside the province, within 8 hours, and more than 1000 kilometers within 24 hours on site within hours. If there are local offices and dealers, the office staff or dealers will arrive at the scene within 1 hour. Upon receipt of user demand, service personnel first consider the fastest way, such as chartering a car or flying, to ensure that they arrive at the site as soon as possible.

        3.2. Our company promises that the service life of the cable is Lu Shinian.